Wednesday, May 15, 2013

HD Taste of nostalgia Picture

I can't imagine my old work have over three hundred thousand people watched, is make me so happy, so i re-render my Set to HD quality 2013 version, let's enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Raymond!!

I just saw this beautiful piece and I have been completely touched. I have just gone through a challenging period in my life and the emotions of Taste of Nostalgia brought me back to how grateful I am.
I also lived in Japan and the man in this clip looks so similar to my wonderful building manager and I miss him.
You helped me inspire my own dreams of creating music for film - if there's a chance that I can help make something like what you did - I would be grateful.
THANK YOU for creating! I am a fan and I appreciate your work and your work helped me become grateful for my life!

Christy (from Canada)